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Download IPA / APK of Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game! for Free

Download IPA and APK files of Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game! for free. Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game! updated (new) full version woks on Android (obb mod data) and Apple (iPhone, iPad) mobile phones.
Almighty is an incremental tapping game with godly excitement, where you collect artifacts, build structures, and use prayers to cast powerful spells to rule the realm.

Tap to gain prayers from your worshippers and upgrade your character with new skills and weapons. Start a new journey to be the one and true Almighty!

Almighty Features:
• After an apocalyptic event nearly destroys the realm; an unknown being invades the new world, stripping The Almighty of his mythical artifacts and powerful magic. Now, he must regain his place as the true ruler of the realm, The Almighty.

• Use your finger to tap the screen, gather prayers from passing worshippers, build mythical structures to gain prayers without tapping, and unleash ultimate power through a selection of glorious spells.

• Unlock, collect, and equip mythical artifacts from weapons and armors, to powerful creatures. Obtain special powers from each artifact and progress through the realm of the Gods when you choose your allegiance: Light or Shadow.

• Each character is equipped with special skills and masteries. Start with one of many different deities, such as God of Fortune, God of Abyss, or God of Shadow, and reincarnate into another at will!

• Choose wisely to master all the divine powers. Become the one and true Almighty and reign across this realm.

Build structures, collect hundreds of mythical artifacts and be The Almighty.

Have any suggestions, criticisms, or ideas to make Almighty better? Reach us via info@alegrium.com
For more information, visit us at http://www.alegrium.com

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Download Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game! APK and IPA Files Free

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