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Download IPA / APK of Groovy Grader for Free

Download IPA and APK files of Groovy Grader for free. Groovy Grader updated (new) full version woks on Android (obb mod data) and Apple (iPhone, iPad) mobile phones.
Do you need some peace, love and happiness in your classroom? If so you need Groovy Grader. Groovy Grader is an App designed to replace your “old school” paper grading calculator. Groovy Grader provides more flexibility, convenience and ease than other popular slide graders. It can be configured to work for 100’s of questions and has the option to display the grade as a whole number or with one decimal place. Groovy Grader can show the number correct, the number wrong or both.

Groovy Grader was designed with usability as a top priority. Unlike other competing Apps, Groovy Grader can view 50 or more grades on the screen at once. It also allows you to turn off the auto-dimming screen. There’s no touching to scroll for the most common grades, or to turn the screen back on.

Groovy Grader is optimized for iOS 10 and works great on iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

Groovy Grader Screenshots

Download Groovy Grader APK and IPA Files Free

You can also download Groovy Grader APK and IPA files from the official appstores.