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Download IPA / APK of Cat Game (Classic) for Free

Download IPA and APK files of Cat Game (Classic) for free. Cat Game (Classic) updated (new) full version woks on Android (obb mod data) and Apple (iPhone, iPad) mobile phones.
It seems like everyone and their cat now owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. But what does the cat do with it?

Cat Game is the classic video game for cats, based upon the “catch the laser dot” game that cats have enjoyed for ages. Present the game to the cat. Not all cats want to play, so respect the cat. Take care so that neither cat nor device are injured during play.


– The classic video game for cats since 2009.
– Humans can play, too! Try to score over 21!

Tips for human players:

– “I tapped it but it didn’t give me the point!”

It moved out of the way at the last instant! Look carefully to observe the effect. Like swatting flies, your reflexes are usually not fast enough to go directly at it. Anticipate where it’s going to stop and tap there!

– Cat Game is NOT multi-touch!

Only one finger can tap the screen at any time. More than one finger on the screen at a time means that NO TAPS will register. Holding your finger to the screen doesn’t count — only taps count. You can drum with multiple fingers as long as only one finger is touching the screen at any time.

– Don’t tap many times in one place, hoping to easily catch the dot when it comes to your area.

Every time you tap, you’re telling Cat Game where your finger is!

– Be the cat.

Let go of consciously controlling your finger. Get into the zone where hand-eye coordination is driven by instinctive reactions.

– Let your cat watch you play.

He or she could use a good laugh… “It’s not as easy as it looks, eh?”

– Enjoy!

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Download Cat Game (Classic) APK and IPA Files Free

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